Review – Ravi Restaurant

Ravi Restaurant is A Pakistani Joint with several branches in Dubai. There is nothing fancy about the restaurant. I really like their straightforward and simple concept.

People of different nationality go in groups enjoying the outdoor seating facility especially during the winter season. There is a wide selection of dishes with reasonable prices on the menu. It’s a  good place to eat out without emptying your pocket. Fifty dirhams is good enough for 2 people.

I have visited the restaurant several times and they always provide fast service and consistently tasty dishes.

I always start my meal with the Roti. The bread is always served hot and fresh from the oven. I partner it with the Biryani Sauce and the must-try Chicken Tikka.

Roti bread
Chicken Tikka

I’m a big fan of their Buttered chicken(to-die-for) and Lamb chops.
Ravi Restaurant


Chicken Kebab is served in a generous amount. It is made with ground meat and all sorts of spices.


Mutton Biryani/Chicken Biryani on the other hand is served with a lot of excess oil. Basically served in layers of Rice-Meat-Oil. (Just attempt to remove it before eating and you should be okay). I use a lot of the yogurt because it’s too spicy for me.


I recommend this restaurant to those who are not bothered with getting their hands dirty (forget the spoon & fork). If you are okay with no frills , make sure to visit their Satwa or Burjuman branch.

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