Affordable Ras Al Khaimah Road trip Experience – The RAK Road Trip

The RAK Road trip package at Bin Majid Acacia Hotel in Ras Al Khaimah is an all-inclusive offer that includes a one night stay at the hotel, breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, unlimited beverages which includes house beer/ wine, long drinks, cocktails etc. Oh, and by the way it doesn’t stop there, free Kayaking and free Beach Access to The Bin Majid Beach Resort are also included.

The offer was too good to resist, we were obliged to check it out. On that weekend we arrived around 10:45 AM which was earlier than the check in time (2:00PM). Surprisingly, we were assigned with a room right away. We didn’t even have to wait. I guess that is one of the perks of being early and excited! We were entertained by the hotel staff at the reception and was asked to pay for a tourism fee of 15.00 AED. Also, we were given two key cards, two beach access coupons, two kayak coupons (15 minutes/person) and a print out of the full details of what’s inclusive in the package.


The standard room we booked has all the basic amenities. The only thing that i did not like is that we were provided an adjoining room, so basically we can hear strangers next to us.

We got settled and headed to The Bin Majid Beach Resort, it is a beachfront property which is just five minutes away from Acacia. There are shuttle buses available for drop off and pick up at the hotel, but since its nearby, we opt to drive instead.

There is an option to take the lunch Buffet at either Acacia Hotel or Bin Majid Resort for the guests’ convenience. We opt for the latter. The buffet had limited options and did not meet my expectation, there are few main dishes including Biryani, Fish Teriyaki, Lamb stew, Buttered Vegetable and rice. Selection of bread, salads and desserts were also available.

The beach was packed with tourists so we went back to Acacia hotel and hung out in Garden Brew Cafe. They serve Becks (German beer), Red/white wine, screw driver, cuba libre and tom collins, and all these drinks were indeed UNLIMITED. In front of the cafe was the pool area. It is a well maintained facility in the hotel which we really enjoyed.


Dinner was not that impressive, but also not that bad. It was Arabic themed that day and just like lunch, there were only few dishes to choose from. The breakfast was better, they have live Omelette station, rice, sausages, cold cuts, different types of bread, curry and rice.

The next day we went back to the beach to try the kayak and since there was only us in the activity area, we were given 30 minutes instead of 15!

We then requested for a late check out, and guess what? They of course granted the request. So we had enough time to try the other activities and enjoy the pool. We spent the last few hours at the Waikiki pool bar. The pepperoni pizza was superb and the barista was expert!



Overall, the experience was worth it. There were some unpleasant encounters with the staff, misinformation, and unfortunate events but it was a very satisfying weekend away from the city. Will definitely go back with a group next time.

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