Step by Step guide on How to Apply France Schengen Visa in Dubai.

Summer is fast approaching and therefore, it is once again the peak season for submitting applications for Schengen Visas. In this blog, I will share with you a step by step guide on  How to Apply France Schengen Visa in Dubai based on my own experience.



VFS is an outsourced company handling all the applications for Schengen Visa. Applicants should book an appointment at Wafi Visa application center.  Make sure to have a scheduled appointment since walk-in applicants will not be accepted.

Keep in mind that appointment slots get fully booked especially during the month of June, July and August . Click here to register and make the payment of your booking.

  • Once registered and logged in, you will have access to home screen, click “Schedule an Appointment” on the left hand side.
  • Select the Dubai as the Center and Short/Long stay as the visa category to move on to the next page.

Schengen Visa in Dubai

  • Fill in the mandatory fields in the Add new applicant details page and click SUBMIT.  You can add another applicant, maximum five applicants can be added for group appointments.

Schengen Visa in Dubai

  • Select your preferred date and time, then click confirm, make the payment and you’re done booking the appointment.

Schengen Visa in Dubai

The appointment booking costs around 110.00 dirhams. The amount has to be paid online. Once the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email with the full details of your appointment location and schedule.

Additional Info:  There are optional services offered by the VFS –  the Premium Lounge and the Courier Service.The Premium Lounge basically means that there will be a dedicated customer service representative to handle your visa application, you will also have access to the lounge where refreshments are provided. Complimentary services such as photocopying, SMS alerts and courier service are also included in the fee.

Schengen Visa in Dubai

STEP 2. Filling out the Schengen Visa Application Form

For the next step, applicants must fill out the Schengen Visa  application form. Previously, you can just download the form from the VFS website, but there were recent changes implemented. Applicants must now create an account in the France Visa website. An account has to be made and registered – one account can be used to submit multiple applications.

Before you start, make sure that you have your itinerary details, the address and contact details of your accommodation in France, contact information of your employers and most importantly your passport copy. Make sure that all the details you provide are all true and correct.

  • Log in to the account and there will be an option to Create a New Application at the bottom left corner. Click it to start.

  • Fill in the mandatory details in the form.

  • Once all details are provided, =confirm the application, to do that tick the declaration statement as seen below, note the that any changes will no longer be allowed after the submission.The pdf form will then be available for download. Print it and you’re done with the Visa application form.

STEP 3. Completion of Supporting Documents

A list of supporting documents will be provided once you completed the form. The list will be in a checklist form. This list is personalized depending on the duration and purpose of travel.

  • Follow the list and prepare all the documents.

Schengen Visa in Dubai

Generally, the Requirement for Schengen Tourist Visa are as follows :

  1. Original and Copy of Passport page and UAE residence Visa page
  2. Copies of previous issued visas
  3. Provisional Ticket booking
  4. Travel Insurance Valid in Schengen territory
  5. Hotel Booking/ Accommodation details
  6. Proof of Funds
  7. Passport size photos – taken less than six months ago.
  8. NOC from Company –  preferably with the applicant’s salary details designation, and date of  joining.

Note that additional documents may still be required.

STEP 4. Submission of Documents.

On the date of your appointment, go to the VFS Application Center  at Wafi Mall Level 2,
Falcon Phase 2 Umm Hurair 2 Dubai. Bring and submit all your original documents and other supporting documents and pay the application fee of around 280.00 dirhams.

The immigration officers will decide within 10-15 working days and you will receive an email or sms when the passport is ready for collection. If you availed the courier service application, the passport will be delivered to you. For any clarification, you may call VFS helpline dubai at +971 4-2055999. Hope this post helps!


FAQS : (below information all all from VFS helpdesk. Please verify all information by sending themm an email at )

Q: How long must a passport be valid in order to obtain an schengen visa and in order to travel to schengen countries?

A: The passport must be valid for at least 90 days from the date of return from the Schengen territory and issued less than 10 years with at least two free pages.

Q: If I am applying for a tourist Visa, can I submit a payslip instead of bank statement?

A: 3 months personal bank statements are the mandatory documents for the France visa application. However if you do not hold any bank account you may provide a self explanation letter/covering letter stating the reason for not having the said documents. If you wish to submit your payslips to support your application you may submit. Kindly note that all the decision on your visa application is at the sole discretion of the French Consulate in Dubai.

Q: Would you know how much minimum funds one should have on the bank account to be able to apply for the Schengen Visa.

A: Copy of 3 months personal bank statements should be authenticated (stamped) from the bank.  Make sure that the details like Name, Account number & Bank Name appear on the statements. There is no such specific information on minimum balance to be shown on statements.




  1. Very detailed information.

    I applied today, they’re requiring about “Reservation confirmation of an organized trip or any other document describing the planned programme”. Is it the same as the Travel Itinerary?


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