Five Guys at Al Seef

I wanted to try the new Five Guys Restaurant in Alseef. It recently opened and I was thrilled to have Iftar dinner in this new spot located in Dubai Creek, another project from the developer Meraas.


You can easily find Five Guys Restaurant in the location since it is well lit and you will see the signature red umbrellas on their outdoor seating area.



Five Guys Meraas

The crew were all accommodating and friendly. The cashier knows their product very well and suggested a lot of options to include in my order since customers can customize their orders without additional charge.

While waiting, customers can take complimentary peanuts, it is self-service and you can grab as much as you like.

Five Guys

Didn’t take long and my order was ready. It was served inside a brown bag, like a take-away. The supervisor said they don’t use trays, something new to me really.

e17713c2-6628-4b0b-9fa3-9b22cd1c1dbfI ordered the single patty Cheeseburger because I was not that hungry during that time and I opt for their all the way toppings.

Five GuysFive GuysTheir beef patty has no extenders and its pure beef! It is also certified Halal. The burger was juicy and tasty but putting all toppings and sauces altogether made the bread soggy, halfway while I was eating and the sauce was already dripping all over me.

I also ordered their plain Large Salted Fries, I was also given the Cajun flavoring, they suggested me to try it, so why not.

Five Guys As you can see the fries was overflowing. It was really good and delectable, probably because they use peanut oil.They were very generous with the serving, and had to bring home more than half of it.

I also ordered their Shake, which is to die for. I had strawberry-banana flavor with Malted Milk. You can choose from other flavors like Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Oreo etc. Soft drinks and iced tea are unlimited.


For the prices:

  • Little Cheese Burger – 33.00AED
  • Fries(large) – 27.00AED
  • Shake – 25.00AED
  • Iced Tea – 15.00AED

Overall, it was worth it, the prices are not that bad. I am officially hooked to this restaurant and will definitely try their all beef hotdogs and Sandwiches on my next visit.

How to get to Al Seef, Umm Hurair:


Going to this new spot is pretty easy. Just get off from Burjuman Metro Station, take Exit 1 (Rak Bank Area) walk straight all the way to US consulate, it is located right after that.

It is very accessible especially for those who lives in Deira Area cause almost all of Meeras projects are towards the other side. Alseef area features the old Dubai and also has a modern take of the cosmopolitan city on the other side.



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