A Pinay’s Express Entry Journey – How I got my Educational Credential Assessment through World Education Services

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There are hundreds of reasons that I can come up with on why I am applying to migrate in the “Great white North” but the main reason is that I would like to have a permanent residency or citizenship where I can spend the later years of my life. Plain and simple.

If you haven’t read the ABOUT ME page, I arrived in Dubai in early 2013, landed a job and obtained a UAE residence Visa. Now I am based here for five years (time flies!) and enjoying my life as an expatriate – or so I thought….

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I am writing this so that I can share with you my Express Entry Journey.

Disclaimer : I am no expert in this matter, I applied on my own and did not get any advise from agencies or consultants. The Express entry system is pretty much straight forward, and I want to share in this blog the application procedure and my current progress. Again, I am no expert. If your trust me, read on.

MARCH 2017- OCTOBER 2017 – Gathering Information

I kept on visiting the Canada Immigration Website for information, and after months of carefully reading (obsessing actually) and going through the site over and over, I decided to apply as a Federal Skilled Worker or FSW under the Express Entry Program.

  • To know more about the Federal Skilled Worker Minimum requirements, Click here.

I qualified for the minimum work requirement, what now? I needed to create an Express entry profile. In order to do that, the applicant must provide an Education Credential Assessment and Language Test result. This two requirements are very essential. I decided to start with the Education Credential Assessment – because CIC will accept the result five years from the date of issue, so there was no pressure, while the Language result certificate is only valid for two years.

NOVEMBER 2017 -JANUARY 2018 – Education Credential Assessment

According to the Canada Immigration Website all applicants who studied outside Canada, must have his/her degree evaluated by an approved agency. There were several agencies and I chose World Education Services or WES because of the positive reviews online and of course its affordability (let’s be real here).

 – You can check your provisional degree equivalency here .


1. On Nov. 09.2017, I registered to WES website and paid the fees online using my credit card. They provided me with a WES Reference number.

Amount Paid: 200.00 CAD

World Education Services Reference Number

2. I received an email from WES with all the instruction on how to send the documents to them and the checklist of which documents they require. A full instruction will be sent to your email that will serve as your guide.

World Education Services Instruction

3. Requested my school registrar for  my credentials to be sent to WES Canada. Luckily, they were aware of the process.

The school staff prepared my documents. It included my transcript that included the subjects and the corresponding units for each. It was the  signed and sealed by the institution.On Nov. 29, 2017, my documents were sent to WES Ontario for evaluation.

Amount Paid to the Instituition: 4000.00 Php (inclusive of processing and sending the documents to Canada)

4. It was Dec. 13 , 2017 when I got an email confirmation that they have received my documents. On Jan. 03, 2018, I received an email that the the evaluation has been completed. I was able to download the results in a PDF. format via online and after a week I have also received the result by post.

This is the result that I downloaded online.

It was a straightforward and easy process since everything can be done online, this was just the first step. After getting the results I immediately took exams from IELTS which I have explained in this blog. 

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