The Cove Rotana Resort- A Paradise in Ras Al Khaimah

I have planned to visit this Nubian themed paradise ever since I have seen the photos of it online. Located in Ras Al Khaimah and overlooking the Arabian gulf, this Resort is a perfect place to de-stress.

The location is an hour and fifteen minute drive from Dubai. I arrived at the resort around 10:30 in the morning and I requested for an early check in, I was able to get a room around 11:00.

The classic room is simple yet elegant. It has all the basic amenities and what I like most is the terrace with the street view. It gives me that Greece vibe at the same time it feels familiar seeing the villas spread throughout the resort.

The Cove Rotana is like a small village. It has walkways and alleys that lead to bars, spa, villas and the beach. The stairs and bridges are scattered in the area to have access from one place to another. The buggy is the main mode of transport specially during summer. Walking around is great too during the colder months.

The Resort has several restaurants and bars and I only had a chance to visit two of them. The Cinnamon All Day Dining and the Sunset Pool Bar.

Cinnamon All Day Dining – they have breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. Their lunch buffet is priced at 120.00AED per person. The dishes were mostly Indian food. Nothing spectacular but I must say that the staff were all accommodating and approachable.

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The resort also boasts of its pristine beach. There is a lot of beach beds for the guests to unwind. If you would like a drink or two, there is also a bar nearby. Activities like volleyball are encouraged, but if you want into a more laid back mood, they offer massage services too.

You can never go wrong in booking this place. Every spot is aesthetically designed and was true to its theme. The site is just so appealing it would put you right in a happy state of mind.

It is indeed a gorgeous resort and I would visit once again, no questions asked. It is a very romantic site (specially at night), yet it’s also a perfect place to spend time with family and friends. As for me, this place made Ras Al Khaimah worth visiting.


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