Bu Qtair – A Popular Seafood Restaurant in Jumeirah

I found out about this Seafood restaurant not because of word of mouth, but because it was visited by the famous Anthony Bourdain (Yes, he did! Look it up in Youtube)

It was my second time to visit and the dishes are the same as before, fresh and deliciously served.

The main menu in this restaurant are not that complicated,only fish and prawns. But still, customer’s line up here and there’s always a long queue especially during dinner time.

The restaurant is located in Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah. There are parking spaces for the customers, but can be a problem during the weekends. So come early or just take a cab.

Inside the restaurant is where you can select the fish from. It is rubbed with different seasonings with a hint of spice in it! These are the freshest catch of the day, guaranteed!

You can choose from Sherry, Perch or Hammour. The price depends on the size of the fish. The shrimp is 150 dirhams per kilo.

After selecting the main dish, you can also order for a side of rice or paratha. Softdrinks, chai and water are also available.

This restaurant does not accept cards, so bring cash with you. 150.00 -200.00 dirhams is good enough for three to four people, but still depends on how much you like seafood.

After ordering, you can either seat indoor or outdoor. I always opt for outside because it comes with a good view.

After waiting for fifteen to twenty minutes, I finally got my awaited order. The fish is flavorful from all the spices they put in. It’s fried in golden perfection which made it crispy on the outside and mouthwatering inside.

The shrimp was served hot and heavenly. Shrimp is already great to begin with and adding the curry they served it with made it more delightful.

I consumed a full plate of rice with these! I love it’s simplicity. No fancy-schmancy presentation whatsoever. Just a good old fashioned seafood caught by Dubai Fishermen.

No wonder they got the Zomato User’s choice award for Seafood. It’s that great.

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