Hot Palayok – A Filipino Restaurant

I visited Hot Palayok restaurant recently to check out it’s buffet menu. The restaurant is located in Karama area near the ADCB Metro station. It is very accessible through public transport, and just a few minutes walk from the metro. It is  spacious and bright, making it the perfect place for casual lunch or even a get together dinner with friends.

I notice the big graffiti on the walls. This is definitely one of the restaurant’s trade mark. I love it’s colors, it made the place look lively.

Upon entering, I was accommodated by the friendly staff right away. I noticed that they were very attentive with the customer’s needs and requests. I opt the indoor seating but for those who wants to enjoy the winter, there is also an outdoor seating area with a small playground for the kids.

Hot Palayok provides a wide spread of food options, mostly Filipino dishes and some asian. Here are my favorites:

Filipino food is not complete without Kare-kare. This dish is made of beef tripe in a thick peanut sauce. It is served with shrimp paste, it may sound kind of weird but is really a good combination.


For the dessert, I was very excited to try the Bilo-bilo, it is made of glutinous rice balls cooked in sweetened coconut milk. It was yummy!

Lastly, the sushi station, it comes in so many different rolls. I tried some of it and enjoyed the variety.


I notice that, in this restaurant, it’s either a hit or miss, you’ll love the food or not like it at all. Here are some of the dishes I didn’t like as much:

I have tried their barbecue and was not convinced with it. I find the chicken too dry and has too much of sauce for my taste. Though I’ll give them credit for satisfying the street food cravings like chicken feet and chicken head.

Another miss is the Pad Thai. It lacks the authentic taste and it was also a little bit dry.

Lastly, the crab, well I wish it could have been bigger crabs. That’s all.

Here are photos of the other dishes served on that day. Overall, I would visit the restaurant again whenever I get Filipino food cravings. Hot Palayok has a good ambiance that compensates to the average dishes. I’ll give a five star to all the staff who are all well trained to provide service the Filipino style.

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