OFW Diaries – Ultimate Filipino Food Trip

It’s been just a week since I left Philippines and I miss it so much already. My family, the weather and of course the food! How can I say no to a month of eating authentic Filipino and asian dishes? Don’t get me wrong, Dubai serves Filipino dishes too but, Pinas is Pinas, it serves legitimate Pinoy food that I miss, on a budget!

Let’s start with Tagaytay. Known for its Bulalo and Tawilis, this place was my first stop. My family and I went there not just once, but three times during my one month stay.

Our first stop was Sizzlers Restaurant. We had Bulalo, Pinakbet and sizzling sisig. The bulalo did not disappoint. It was perfect for the cold weather.

The second and third time we went to Tagaytay, we opted for restaurant called Cabanas Dine and Bar.They serve set meals within the budget. It was so affordable we had to go back. Their Bulalo and Bam-i are the best! Don’t miss it.

We had time to drop by Rowena’s for pasalubong too. My top three would be , Cheese tart, Buko Pie and sylvannas. Their cheese tarts are to die for and their Buko pie has generous amount of coconut, I really didn’t mind the calories during that time!

Going back to Makati-Taguig where I spent most of my time, I made sure to eat Filipino dishes that’s rarely found here in Dubai.

We went to the restaurant called Elias in BGC. It serves the real thing! name it they have it. We had Ginataang Kuhol, Lechon Kawali and Sinigang. Kuhol was the star. I love ginataan dishes and they served a tasty version of this delicacy.

Another restaurant I went to is called Mango Tree. It is a Thai restaurant. What else would I be trying, of course I had Pad thai, and my date (my brother) had their Southern chicken. We also had their Pomelo salad and a bottle of wine. A bit pricey but I love the ambience in the restaurant and the chardonnay was a great addition,recommended for those who wants to have sumptuous meal with a bottle to go with it.

Every vacation, it has also been a tradition for me to visit Mercato in BGC. It is popular for its street food and can get a bit crowded during the weekends. But it’s always worth a visit especially whenever I get to eat Bagnet, Takoyaki, Isaw and drink beer with it.

Another eatery that I wanted to add to the list is called Noytsi’s Panciteria. It is located near Makati city hall, the price was surprisingly cheap and the quantity of their food is good for sharing. When they say Chinese food on a budget, this is the place to be.

My weakness is pancit may it be bihon or canton, I make sure I had it as a side dish, (a carbo loaded side dish). So I ordered it when we ate in Solaire’s food court in one of its restaurant called Filipiniana we also tried their caldereta and soy ginger fish. I must say, the canton was the best I had during my stay. It was tasty and satisfying and I like how saucy it was.

I wouldn’t be leaving Philippines without eating two of my favorite Dimsums, Hakaw and Chicken feet. Good thing both were served in Vikings Megamall.

Nothing beats Pinas’ simple pleasures like Home cooked meals and the ones readily available from supermarkets or from those selling it on the streets. Here are some of my favorites.

Eating with my family was the best part of my vacation. I completed my food wishlist and had a happy tummy from start to finish. I missed several items but all in all I left home with a full heart and full stomach.

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