OFW Diaries – Family Getaway to Aurora, Philippines

Two excursions in a month! My vacation to Philippines was indeed both tiring and amusing. Our trip to Aurora was the climax of my vacation, it was such a good way to bond with my family and relatives that I have not seen for two years.

Initially, I was not fully decided on taking my family to Dinadiawan because of the time it would take to travel. It was between Aurora or Laiya. But then, when I compared the costs for twenty family members, it was almost the same.Finally chose Aurora because all of us has never been there. Everyone was up for adventure so we didn’t mind the nine hour drive.

The supposedly 8-9 hour drive turned 10 because of the traffic in EDSA. We arrived to our hotel in Porto Novo around midnight. We checked in our room and had some drinks and then dinner. Porto Novo had a spacious type of room for us. There was ample space for everyone.

This room has two single beds, 2 bunk beds, a queen bed, a huge sofa and extra mattress. It fit all of us in a comfortable sleeping arrangement, the room was not crowded at all.

The next day, we got up early and prepared breakfast. I like how spacious the kitchen was. It was completely equipped with a grilling station, two gas stoves and a large kitchen island and two big kitchen sinks.

We had our breakfast by the beachfront. Breakfast was engaging and delightful, having my relatives around made it awesome, looking at this view while having sumptuous meal made it superb.

At this point, we checked out some of the hotel’s facilities, for me the hotel has really good amenities, not common for resorts especially in provinces. I appreciate the ease and comfort the hotel provides especially after driving a long way to reach it.


After having breakfast, we had a mini adventure. There was a falls nearby, 15 minutes walk from our resort. Everyone was up for it, including our dog. Walking towards the falls was easy, we had a quick bath in it and it was refreshing!


We had to transfer to a different resort that day. As much as we wanted to stay in the same resort, they were fully booked on that day. We packed our stuff and went to the nearby resort called Pacific Villa. It is literally a minute drive away from Porto Novo.

This resort is more old fashioned than the first one. The rooms are also spacious, it has two double sized bunk beds, a double bed, and then we requested for extra mattress in order to accommodate all of us.

There is an attached kitchen and outdoor dining but we opt to stay in their activity area where we grilled, had lunch and just enjoyed the view.

I fell in love with Dinadiawan’s beach, it has a grayish white sand comparable to Zambales and it has strong waves like in Baler. I mean, what’s not to like about it, check out these photos.

I love how secluded this place seems. Overall the scenery was perfect, even our fur baby loved it.

This beach may be far from manila but it is worthwhile I guarantee you that.


Dinadiawan beach is located in Baler-Casiguran Road, Aurora.

  • You can visit the resort’s FB page and book a room in advance.
  • The room rates during our stay ranged from 5,000.00 to 7,000.00 Pesos.
  • Sari-Sari Stores are available nearby.
  • Pleanty of other resorts are lined up in Dinadiawan stretch, I asked around and a local told me that Sand and Stars Resort is the best.
  • You can rent a tent in Pacific Villa for 500.00 Pesos + 100.00 Pesos for the entrance fee per head.
  • There was no restaurant in the area, be sure to bring your own food. No corkage
  • Usage of the stove was charged 240.00 (in Porto Novo) and 500.00 (in Pacific Villa).



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