Morning Dubai Desert Safari with Oscar Knight Tours

For this weekend, we tried the Morning Desert Safari with Oscar Knight Tours. This activity is unique because we get to visit the Desert in the early hours of the morning, something different compared to what other tour companies offer which are usually held in evenings.

We were picked up from our place at exactly 7:00 a.m. Our tour guide, Uzair was on time, and he picked us up with a well maintained Land Cruiser. I love that the car smells good and kept clean and in good condition. I believe that first impressions has an impact and they nailed it with this four wheel drive!

He picked up four more guests at JBR and went ahead to drive to Lehbab desert.

Our first stop was Al Barary Motorcycle Rental. This is the rest area for the guests and where quad bikes can be rented for a separate charge. Fifty more kilometers from this location is Oman boarder.

We stayed here for 30 minutes to rest and freshen up after an hour and a half drive. After which, we entered the desert for the much awaited Red Dunes bashing.

This activity was so exciting. I must say, Uzair, our tour guide knows what he’s doing. He even knows what songs to play while we’re being driven along the natural trail of the sand.

The adrenaline rush in this activity intensified as we entered further the red desert dunes to find the highest slopes and prettiest view.

We stopped in the middle of nowhere to enjoy the marvelous scenery. The weather was just perfect. The red dunes was naturally orange and reddish in color and the sand was so fine, it was nothing I have seen before.

I love how isolated we were. No crowd, no noise, just a few people minding their own business.

On this same spot we also tried one more activity, Sand boarding. It was kind of scary at first and needs getting used to, but of course, the tour guides made sure of our safety.

In this equipment, one can either stand or sit, then will be pushed down to a high slope. It only lasts a few seconds. It was really worth a try.

We then left and proceed to the next activity, once again we drove for around 20 minutes to go to the camp site. Where they prepared a show to us.

The falcon show was amusing. Fun fact, Falcon is UAE’s national bird, a symbol of force and courage.

Here is the star of the show, and he is only one year old.

Camel ride then followed. There were around five camels lined up for all of us. Two people can be seated at the back of each camel.

I love that this camels look healthy and well taken cared of. I hope all tour companies look after their well being too. The two camels named Laila and Namira were very sweet and cooperative. They didn’t give us a hard time, and we had a 20 minute ride along the area.

The trip ended with good food. My favorite Luqaimat, an arabic sweet was served with an Arabic Coffee or Qahwa and dates. Unlimited beverages were provided too.

We had this treats in a Bedouine seating camp arranged for us. I have been staying in Dubai for six years now but this really gave me that arabian vibes.

The tour ended there, and I can’t deny how professional the Oscar Knight staff had been. We felt warmly welcomed, comfortable and safe all through out. Get this tour if you want value for money.

I booked mine for only 95.00AED, yes it is very affordable, only this much for an unforgettable trip. You can book this trip using Airbnb, and use this link to get a discount.



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