Lovin’ Dubai Cruise Review

I went to the Lovin’ Dubai Cruise!

On my birthday, I was aboard the Lotus Mega yacht and it’s huuuuge!

The pick up location was in Pier 7, it’s only a few minutes walk from the Marina mall. The Marina view was amazing as always. With all the skyscrapers and the yachts and the blue waters, it definitely brighten up my mood.

The boat boarded passengers from 12:00PM. The staff were all welcoming and accommodating. Guests walked in a red carpet pathway and greeted by the professional staff.

Upon entry, appetizers and cocktail pairings were served.

There was also the live cooking station set up for us. There were two chefs preparing the shawarma, grilled meat and fish and this got me excited. Meat lover spotted. Pasta lovers rejoice! there’s something for you too.

There was this big jacuzzi and chill area that I love very much. A very comfy place to have drinks in.

There was also a big fancy dining area where the buffet food were set up. Rest area was also available inside the air conditioned part of the yacht.

The set up was beautiful and really spacious, it was a Saturday and only a few people were there. Lucky us!

The food was okay. Nothing unforgettable about it. There’s mostly Chinese and Indian choices. The drinks however were great, name it they have it. Sample photos of drinks with the stunning views.

The staff were all friendly and accommodating. They were all smiles and greetings and made it a very pleasant trip.

Music was played during the whole duration of the trip. There was a DJ who played songs old and new. RnB, Pop and Acoustic.

The Tanoura show at the rooftop was the icing on the cake. Its a traditional dance where the performer spins a thousand of times while wearing a multi-colored skirt. He spins for about 30 minutes without stopping. Imagine doing that on a boat. Kudos to this guy! no signs of fainting was shown afterwards.

After the non-stop eating, drinking and lurking, I had taken several photos of the Lotus Mega yacht, and its a stunner.

As we went on with the cruise, I was happy to see Dubai landmarks in a different perspective. I mean, look at that.

Definitely doing this again next year!


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