Asiana Hotel – Summer Staycation in the heart of Dubai

I love this 5-star hotel near my home. This hotel is where the La Mesa restaurant  is located, a buffet restaurant popular to many Filipinos.

I booked a room in Asiana hotel  a few weeks ago for a very affordable price. Summer has started and Dubai’s hotel rates has really gone down. I love this season, guests can get 50-70% off on hotels, can you believe that I book a 5-star hotel room for less than 200.00 AED including taxes and fees?

Guests at Asiana Hotel get to experience Asian vibe in the Heart Dubai. I like how elegant the hotel looks, just look at the reception area, I love how they decorated it, and the design is just, wow!


The hotel employees were very courteous and assisted us through a smooth check-in procedure, the Superior King room was lovely and I was very happy with it, the area was very spacious and was straight out cozy.





It was such a treat after enduring a 40 plus degree heat outside. The room was chilly, and has such a great fragrance that made me feel very relaxed, just what I was aiming for.  All the areas of the room has a good lighting,  it made it hard to not just lay around and de-stress.

The best part for me is the bathroom. This one, so far has the best  layout I have seen. It has a big bath tub, with a translucent window beside it, so just the right amount of light gets in. Just the perfect place for bubble bath and champagne.


There’s also a separate shower area and another cubicle for the lavatory, and it’s separated by glass doors. Fancy!

It was definitely a great experience staying in Asiana hotel, I would definitely go back and I recommend this place for a staycation.

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