PART 5: A Pinay’s Express Entry Journey-INVITATION TO APPLY (ITA)

It was when I received the Invitation to Apply (ITA), when I realized that my goals are finally falling into place. Getting an ITA was just something I had hope for a year ago. I even thought it was not possible, given the draw results last year. But here we are, it is true that prayers can move mountains!

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Because of the PNP nomination, my score went from 400+ to 1000+. After just seven days, the Express Entry draw results came out, the cut-off score was 450 points. A day after the results came out, I got an Invitation to apply as a Permanent Resident in Canada.

What I initially did was fill out the online form for the ITA, most of which were questions already answered previously when I first created my EE profile. After that, I was provided with a list of requirements to be completed within 60 days. I personally think that 60 days was very a tight deadline, but is doable, just make sure that you research on how to get the country specific documents like the police clearances and bank statements ahead of time.

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Here’s the list of the ITA documents they asked from me.

1.Passports/Travel Documents 

The passport main page including the visas and stamps  scanned clearly.

2.Proof of upfront medical exam

I asked around before booking an appointment with the accredited physician who can conduct my medical exam here in the UAE. I chose Al Zahra Hospital in Sharjah because it was the most affordable and they provided excellent service based on the reviews I have read online.

I had an appointment with the physician on a Saturday, I arrived earlier than the appointment schedule but was attended to by the nurses right away. They took my pulse rate, temperature, respiration rate, and blood pressure, height and weight. Physical exam, X-ray, Urinalysis and blood test was also done. It was a quick process and I was already out by afternoon.

To check for a Panel physician approved by IRCC, click this link 

3.Proof of Relationship 

I have an aunt in Canada and I had to prove our kinship. Since she is my mom’s sister, I had to provide both of their Birth Certificate copies, and mine as well. This would show that my mom and my aunt have the same biological parents.


Initially, when I created my Express Entry profile, one of the requirement is the ECA (Educational Credential Assessment ) so I had this document ready. Click here to see how I got my degree certificate evaluated.

5.Employment Records

I requested my employers to indicate the specific information that’s required to be mentioned in the Employment Certificate (see Proof of work Experience requirement here).

6.Family Member Proof of Status

This document was to prove that the relative I have declared on my application is a citizen/resident of Canada. My aunt provided me a copy of her Canadian Citizenship certificate. I scanned the front and back page and also attached a copy of her passport and proof of billing.

7.Police certificate – Philippines


Police Certificate from my home country was what got me so stressed. There are two  procedures from the PCG website. I suggest to follow the first option.


First of all, you MUST book an appointment here. This is a very important step. You will then receive an email confirmation telling you to go visit a Police station to get your fingerprints taken, be advised that you can have the fingerprint collected from the consulate itself, it will save you time and money. Make sure to print the appointment confirmation from the email, bring a passport size photo and print several copies of your passports main page and visa page.

Optional: If you want to have your fingerprints taken from the Police station for some reason, it must be the one near Al Qiyada Metro station. There is a fee of 120.00AED.


The available appointment I booked was at 11:00 AM, but I was already in the consulate around 8:30 AM (yes, I am studious!). We all want to get things accomplished in one go, so make sure to  take the following forms from the reception area.

  • One NBI Clearance card – accomplish the front and back page and attach a photo.
  • Two copies SPA forms – accomplish and sign both documents, this is required by your representative in the Philippines to process and collect the NBI on your behalf.
  • Token number

Once you have obtained these two forms, you should then proceed to the Notarials section in the Hall C. 


The Consulate personnel will be taking the fingerprint impressions. Once done take a copy of the accomplished NBI clearance card. Submit the following to the notarials section:

  1. Accomplished original and copy of the NBI clearance card with passport copy.
  2. Accomplished original and copy SPA forms with passport copy.


Proceed to the cashier and pay the fees.

  • 100.00AED- NBI
  • 100.00AED- SPA

The releasing of the document may take 3-4 working days. If you cannot personally collect it, just provide an Authorization letter.

8.Police certificate – United Arab Emirates

Don’t you just love modern technology? UAE Police certificates are applied and paid online. My certificate was then sent to my email. It was such a smooth and easy process. The cost for the Good Conduct Certificate is 220.00 AED. Go UAE!

9.Proof of Means of Financial Support

I had to request 3 types of documents from my bank in order to provide IRCC with information they require.

According to the IRCC instruction the bank letter must contain Account details, details of debts/loans, and average balance for the last 6 months. Since my bank has different formats, I had to request for three types of documents:

  • Account Confirmation letter – This mentions my account name, number, opening date, and type of account.
  • Liability Letter – This mentions the amount outstanding from the bank.
  • 6 months Bank Statements – Shows my average balance for the last 6 months.

10.Digital photo 

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Do not just upload any scanned photo, visit a professional studio and have a photo taken following the specifics that is indicated on the instructions.

I was able to submit my documents five days before the deadline. It was so close to the deadline and it was the most exhausting yet rewarding thing I have ever done. I wasn’t able to sleep well, I was constantly worried. Finally I can breath… At least for the mean time. After that, the waiting game begun!



  1. Hi Jennifer! I read all five parts that you have so far. Fascinating story, but I’m curious… What is the beginning of the story? Are you originally from Canada and looking to return? I think it would be interesting to know what started you on the journey that you’ve been on…


    1. Wow ate Jen that”s Amazing I just read your blog your Journeys for your Canada Dream, I been in canada last 4 years and planning to go back again next year (hopefully) and I been working at the Acai Spot DIFC and thank you for nice review…


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