Happy Farm Hot Pot and BBQ, Dubai

This post is dedicated to Samgyeopsal and Shabu-shabu fanatics in the UAE. There is a hidden gem located in Al Fahidi, Dubai that’s a worth a visit. The best part is, for only 59.00AED it’s all you can eat buffet!



Hot pot and BBQ are the main dishes served in this busy restaurant. It can be jam packed during dinner time and weekends. So better come early.

The meat they served comes in different variety and flavors. Beef steak, chicken wings, ham, tofu, fish and shrimp are some of the items. Talk about quality.



You cook the meat in a grill while you let boil the shabu-shabu broth. Put in the ingredients like vegetables, crab balls, seafood and thinly slice beef, however you like it, the options are endless. Customize how spicy (or not), just ask the waiter!





While waiting for the bbq, eat something from the ready to eat buffet. There’s rice, lumpia, desserts and hakka noodles.

It’s really fun cooking while catching up with friends in this restaurant. It’s also very affordable. This might be the best hotpot in town! Happy Tummy and Value for money indeed.


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