Shukran Dubai! Goodbye.

It has been really an overwhelming experience after I have received my Canada PR. The changes that’s involved in migrating to a new country started to finally sink in. Roller coaster of emotions, happy, sad anxious is the new normal! At times I wanted to leave and get it over with, at times I wanted to stay and not go through this big changes.

To be honest, the thing I’m most sad about is leaving my second home since 2013, I have established a decent life in here somehow. I am actually happy here, with the people i’m surrounded with, the lifestyle and my work of course. But 2019, brought me such a great blessing that I cannot say no to. So here I am. Spending my last few weeks in Dubai while I draft this blog. Tears flowing, but always grateful to Him.

I remember the first time I came to this country, with nothing but hollow dreams and one gigantic suitcase. I was amazed with the skyscrapers, ultra modern architecture and eight-lane highways! The first couple of months has not been easy. If there’s something that I learned here that I can share with you, it is to keep in mind that not everyone will be kind to you and not everyone has genuine intentions. I also learned to be a good judge of character and not to trust easily. Most of all, Dubai has taught me to be resilient. To take responsibility of my actions and to be mature enough to handle situations. Middle East has really taught me a lot which I wouldn’t learn from the comfort of my own country and I wouldn’t change a thing for sure. So right now, Im trying to gather all the positivity and courage because there is no more backing out. Hope, i would be able to use my experiences from Dubai in Canada.

Maraming Salamat Dubai! You’ll forever be in my heart.

Till we meet again Habibi!

Shukran Habibi, I am leaving with a grateful heart.

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