my Landing experience as a new Permanent Resident in Canada

Hello there from Calgary! Here’s a blog about my landing in Canada just before the pandemic. I boarded a flight from Manila to Japan to Vancouver to Calgary. It was so tiring but so worth it!

From Manila, I had a stopover in Vancouver last Feb. 1. It was not very busy when I arrived around 1:00 PM. Right after exiting the plane, there were two airport employees checking the passports and verifying the information page and the Visa page of my document.

I walked towards arrival area and there was a Citizen/PR Lane and a Foreign Passports lane, since it’s my first time landing, I wasn’t considered a PR yet, so I went to the Foreign passport lane.

There were kiosks lined up where you have to scan your passport and declare the items you brought with you. The machine then prints out a document based on your answers.

After that, there was another queue where I got asked the purpose of my stay in the country. Pretty much just informed them that I was landing for the first time as PR. No further questions were asked. The officer then told me to proceed to the luggage claim, and then to go to the immigration office. I left my luggage at the information desk and got into the immigration office. Inside the immigration office, someone from the help desk asked me for my delivery address for my PR card, they also gave me fliers with newcomer information, and then asked me to line up together with other new immigrants. I waited for approximately 20 minutes. and then it was my turn to be interviewed. It was a smooth process overall. She asked me several questions like my marital status, my age, address and that was it, i heard her say, “Congratulations, Welcome to Canada!” It was the best thing I have heard after a 20 plus hour flight.

But first, Tim Hortons!

My first stop in Canada!

I went to the domestic flights area and went on with my next flight to Calgary. The flight, was not as smooth as I expected it to be, but I was able to land safely. Thank God.

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