I am so glad I chose Ana air for my 24 hour journey to Calgary, 14 hours travel, and more than 10 hours layover? Now that is insane.  My flight departed from Manila – Tokyo – Vancouver – Calgary. I took the longer route because it was affordable and it gives me time to stretch in between, plus I wanted to see YVR airport and Ana air did not disappoint. I did not expect it from this airline. I was not even aware that it was a 5-star airline, given the amount that I have paid. I am really impressed by the hospitality and the service. 

Lets start with food, I have tried, Cathay Pacific, Emirates Airline, Oman Air, China Air, Air Canada, Cebu Pacific (not a lot) but so far, this is probably the best airplane food I had. I think I was fed 3 –  4 times for each flight (Manila – Tokyo and Tokyo – Vancouver). For the main meals, I like how there’s a lot of options and how TASTY it is. It was served hot, and  fresh. The noodles, was my favorite. For the snacks, i like how thoughtfully packed it is with lots of treats like ice cream, chocolates, and great japanese snacks! 

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The seats were comfortable, there’s a foot paddle which really help for long flights. I slept soundly, almost half the time. The legroom was spacious and the seats reclined well. Perfect for overseas flights really, I didn’t dread waking up from my naps. 

The aisle and washroom was clean all throughout the flight. There’s some new English movies, but not really a wide selection for the In-flight Entertainment. Lastly, the Customer Service was amazing. They were all polite and attends to the passenger’s needs in a timely manner. They showed Japanese hospitality, the staff were all pleasant.


Overall experience was great! I will definitely book from this airline again. Hopefully soon!


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